Carnival Highlight

As tense as the competition can be on the water, ashore it’s a carnival engulfed in merriment. The Hong Kong Dragon Boat Carnival includes some zanier races that are just as hotly contested and just as spectacular to watch in the harbour. A dizzying array of fun and games will easily keep you busy and happy throughout the day.

Man-made Beach and Splash Area

Soak up the sun on the sand against beautiful Victoria Harbour and enjoy splashing fun with your water guns.



Music Concert

Talented singers and bands celebrate summer fun with fans during vibrant music performances.


Street Food Gala

A fleet of food trucks and street food booths serve up local and international delicacies.


Artisanal Market

The newly introduced Artisanal Market offers local artists’ works and craft products.

Interactive Activities

A flamboyant cast of marching bands, clowns and assorted entertainers are sure to put a smile on your face. Join in the fun with your favourite costume and props! You can also participate in an array of games, tattoo stickers, face painting and more.